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Painting Jim

This gorgeous boy was my 4th greyhound.  It was love at first sight and I was quite nervous about painting him as a result. I used earth colours so the granulation would add texture as I began to build up the light and dark areas.

I worked in layers to deepen the colours and began to work on his eyes.  He was very fluffy for a greyhound  and i softened the edges as I wanted to give this impression.

I completed the eyes last and of course they make the painting come alive.

From light to dark

When painting my friend’s greyhound Shadow, I wanted to incorporate his name into the design.  To do this I decided to paint him as paler than the background on the left and darker than it on the right, so he seemed to disappear into the shadow.

I started with a background wash, which I textured with cling film, and painted his nose to get an idea of the darks.

From here I started working on face, making his right-hand ear darker to stand out from the background.  I then darkened around his jaw on the left, so it was darker than his face.

The initial planning was very important here, especially as in watercolours you work from light to dark.  That’s what makes it fun!