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A new look for spring!

Well, I decided it was time for a new look and so I have been busy this week installing a new theme.  I rather liked the fonts that this theme offers and thought it would be a change to go from the pale colours of the last theme to the black outline of this one.  Another key change is that the front page slideshow has gone; I never could figure out how to make the images display properly anyway!  The front page is now the blog page, so it will be easier to find new content each week.

I have also taken down the static galleries and instead will be introducing new images via the ‘Learning to see’ page.  I hope to update this page more frequently, with sets of images from projects I am working on or from days out with my camera.  Although the sets of images will appear quite small at first, you can click on any of them to see a larger version of the picture.

Doubtless it will take me a while to get everything how I want it.  These things are always a work in progress for me!  I know the site will evolve over the coming months and that is part of the fun.


Moving in circles

Draw an evenly curved line, let the ends connect and you have a circle.  In history, the ability of an artist to draw a perfect circle freehand demonstrated mastery of their art.  The 13th century artist Giotto di Bondone is renowned for having drawn a perfect circle’ in red paint to demonstrate his prowess to the Pope at that time and win a commission as a result.

Circles are commonly used as metaphors, to represent completion and also isolation.  You may be inside the circle or outside of it.  They also represent perfection and eternity; think of the halos of the saints.  In the context of mindfulness we can see them as representing the unity of everything.  We are all part of that much bigger circle of life in the universe, each fulfilling our individual roles as miniature cogs within the greater machine.

In design terms, circles are considered to be one of the primary shapes.  They are found both in nature and the manmade world.  Think of the sun, the moon, the natural tendency of a group of people asked to join hands to form a circle.  Think of the wheel; not just the wheels on a car but all the other wheels that make machines (and clocks!) tick.  Washers, pipes, tubes, coins; need I go on?  Circles (or arcs) are particularly strong as a structural shape, because the strain is distributed evenly along the curve.  Nature makes use of this strength in many ways; plant stems, tree trunks, bubbles and blood vessels to name just a few.

Circles are everywhere.  We discovered this on Tuesday when I set the group the task of photographing circles.  There were so many around the building that the question was not could you find a circle, but which circle did you want to make a photograph of most?  Once you start to look, circles are everywhere.  Decals on windows, writing on signs, the head of a nail affixing a piece of wood.  Circles in the patterns on the carpet, on scarves and musical instruments.  Yet before we set out to look for them, I wonder how many of them we had noticed?

One of the wonders of awareness is that wherever we direct it, we see (or hear, or taste) something new.  It is the nature of the mind to gloss over the less important in order to be able to manage the priorities and as a result we miss so much of what is around us.  By taking time to look we become more open to the richness of our world and can see it in its full glory.  We might start out snapping a picture here and there but soon we can become entranced by the beauty of the light, shadows and shapes that we are presented with and it matters not that these are everyday objects seen many times before.  We see them anew as things of beauty in their own right.  As Marcel Proust said:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

If you are interested in joining my class at Midlands Arts Centre, ‘Mindful awareness through yoga, meditation and photography’, click here to read more and sign up for the spring term starting January 2014.