A meeting of interests

This spring I took a trip to the north of England.  It was a wet and blustery week,  but the stormy weather meant that on the good days the skies were stunning.  I took advantage of one of these days to make a trip to Lindisfarne.

I had visited the island before, but just with my regular camera.  This time I had my little Canon 400D that i had converted to infrared with me.  Oh joy of joys! That day put two of my favourite things on a collision course; graveyards and infrared skies!

The Abbey is managed by English Heritage but it is free to wander around the graveyard.  With the combination of a fabulous sky and the stark stonework, I was in heaven.

The infrared camera is at its best with a sky that combines strong light and blue areas, which photograph dark, alongside a powerful cloud structure.  The recent storm front had resulted in an amazing display of cumulus which worked perfectly as a foil for the gravestones and the abbey.

I love the way that the infrared camera sees more than my eyes do, reminding me of my limitations and the value of humility in the face of nature