A change is as good as a rest!

As you may have noticed,  I paint a lot of greyhounds! So, I thought it might be interesting to challenge myself to paint a cat for a change.  This was based on a friend’s photo of her cat – not being a ‘cat’ person, i don’t have many photos of them.

This picture raised two main challenges – firstly, the cat is black, always a difficult colour in watercolours, and secondly, its very fluffy! The soft fur required a different approach to the sleekness of a greyhound.

I started with an underwash that was the colour i wanted as the final tone of the palest fur, avoiding the collar, bell and eyes.

After this had dried, I began to darken around the palest areas, so I used negative painting to highlight the palest sections, and lifing out some colour to soften the edges.

I repeated this step until I had reached the levels of contrast I wanted.  I was pleased with the overall effect, although I am not sure I did by model justice!  This painting is now available as a greetings card in the Farmyard section of my Love from the Artist page – click here to take a look.