About me

For me, photography is about exploring the world around us that gives context to our moments.  So much of each day can pass us by unseen and unnoticed and taking time to record what is there enables me to slow down and see the world more clearly.

I am drawn to photography as a contemplation of life and its intricacies at all levels.  My fascination with seeing more clearly has evolved into a love of watercolour painting, and these days I mostly take pictures in order to paint them.

Although I enjoy painting flowers, still life and animals, my absolute favourite is to paint greyhounds.  Having been a greyhound mom for many years now, I find a huge pleasure and satisfaction in bringing their beautiful faces to life in my portraits.

As a volunteer with Greyhound Trust Hall Green, I come into contact with many hounds looking for their forever home on a weekly basis.  I donate some of my greyhound cards to Hall Green and to other greyhound rescues, to help raise money for this important work.

Watercolour painting and photography inspired by nature